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Sweetest Day

Date - 3rd Saturday in October





About Sweetest Day

While it sounds like a day to be with your Sweetie, Sweetest Day is actually a day to make others feel special. Take the time to acknowledge those who have been kind or helpful to you or those family or friends who make your life special. It is best celebrated by celebrating others and doing something special to make others happy. Give a gift or flowers to those in need who are sick, aged or orphaned, to your friends, relatives and those who have touched your life.

Sweetest Day is said to have been started in the 1920's by Herbert Birch Kingston, a Cleveland, Ohio philanthropist and candy company employee. He wanted to make people who were orphaned and under-privilaged happy and thought that there should be an occasion to make them feel special by giving them candy and gifts. There are other reports that say the day was created by a group of candy makers.

Regardless of it's origins, the idea of the day is to take the time to show love to people in need or those who are special to us who we wouldn't normally give special attention to.

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