I read a post on Facebook from an acquaintance that said she hated mothers day and what it represents because she is honored to be a mom everyday. 

There are so many unique ways to decorate eggs. Usually most people stick to dye or even paint to decorate theirs, but here are some amazing eggs you can make by adding more.

Want a new way to decorate your Easter eggs this year? Maybe you should try painting them or drawing on them instead of dying them. Here are 18 gorgeous way to do it.

We've given you plenty of ideas for decorating your regular eggs, now it's time to add a little something special to your plastic Easter eggs. Here are 12 great tutorials.

Making Easter eggs is always fun, but you can always make even more of a fun project by transforming your eggs into something else. Here are 15 great ways to do it.

Dying Easter eggs has always been an important part of Easter for many people. But, if you're like me, you've just been using the same dying techniques every year.

Cookies are a great way to celebrate any holiday. These Easter cookies are as yummy as they are adorable. Make them for your loved ones or just to enjoy all by yourself.


Do you have way more of those plastic eggs than you could ever hope to use? Don't worry about it! Those eggs are excellent for decorating for Easter.

Jelly beans are a great treat to eat at Easter time. You can enjoy them on their own, but you can also enjoy them with some delicious recipes like the 9 listed here!


Doing crafts together is a great way to hang out with your kids in a way that can be fun and rewarding to you. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to teach your kids about the holidays.