Holiday Fashion & Beauty

Dressing up is part of many holiday traditions. For many people, this means donning special attire, makeup and/or jewelry (also see Holiday Jewelry). For others, it's all about the fashion or maybe it's just for fun! Whether it's an ugly Christmas sweater day, a halloween costume or something special for your holiday party, there are plenty of fun and incredible choices out there just waiting to add that special something to your next holiday ensemble.

For those who are young (or young at heart), dressing up can be the best part of Halloween. Whether the costume is a skeleton, a witch, a vampire, or something far more original, many people like to use makeup to level-up their spooky ensemble. But where to start? There are several kinds of makeup that each have their own sets of perks and downfalls, so we’ve gathered them here to help you find the one that best suits your needs


1.Cream Paint

Dressing up like the food everyone loves is a great way to guarantee that your costume will be the one everybody's talking about this Halloween! If you make the costume yourself, it will be totally one-of-a-kind, unique to you and your style. Many of these costumes can be created using items you can easily find or might already have around your house. But despite being simple, everyone will recognize them instantly and you'll be the star of the night!