Book Blitz Month

January is Book Blitz Month

January is Book Blitz Month

Book Blitz Month was originally created to encourage authors to make an energetic and concerted effort on the task of promoting their own books. Blitz informally refers to a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort, typically on a specific task ( What better way to start off the new year than to blitz your book in the media!

While it is important for authors to practice self-promotion in today's massive online arena, we also celebrate  Book Blitz Month as a time for the rest of us to make a concerted effort to appreciate authors and books and help authors get read by reading more! 

Celebrate Book Blitz Month by: 

Helping to Promote your favorite author: 

  • Look for self published authors on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other online book stores. 
  • Go to a book signing in your area. 
  • Meet or email an author.
  • Promote your favorite author on your website or blog by writing a review. 

If you are an author: 

  • Increase your web presence on social sites. 
  • Update your website. 
  • If you are not already out there on different book blogs, start getting familiar with the ones who blog about your genre. Comment on blog posts. 
  • Coordinate some free book giveaways with bloggers who can help promote your book. 
  • Get on Amazon and read all of their self-promotion guides. 
  • Create a press kit and make it available on your website. Then email reporters, journalists, bloggers and other media with a link back to the press kit pages. 
  • Organize some book readings in your local area. 

Activities for teachers or parents to do with children:

  • Invite an author to read a book at your school. 
  • Create a book. 
  • Make a project out of how to promote a book they love. 
  • Send a letter to an author from a book your are reading together or from their favorite author. 
  • Make a concerted effort to read more books. 
  • Have the kids make a Blitz list of books they read in January. Reward top readers. 

Make January your Personal Book Blitz month:

  • Read the books that are sitting on your shelf that you have been wanting to read.
  • Re-read your favorite series. 
  • Read a book from a new author or an author that your friend recommended. 
  • Read a book that was made into a movie. 
  • Go to the library and borrow some classics you've always wanted to read. 
  • Buy a Kindle or Nook or other book reading tablet so that you can always have books at your fingertips. 
  • Listen to a book rather than music on your walk or during your workout. 
  • Make a concerted effort everyday to set aside time to read. 

Have some more ideas? Share with us.