String lights are the most classic item used to make your home sparkle over the Christmas season. Here are 15 projects that take them to a whole new level!


Tis the season to keep warm by drinking lots of yummy hot chocolate. Here are 25 amazing recipes you can make all December long until Christmas!


Christmas time is the time of year to learn how all your loved ones are doing through their Christmas cards. You can put all your Christmas cards on the fridge, but why not change it up this year?

One of the best ways to make your house festive and welcoming this holiday season is to hang a wreath on the door. Wreaths give everyone who enters your home a warm welcome and Christmas greeting.

Christmas garlands are a fun way to decorate for the holidays. They are easy to make and can use whatever materials you want.

Fall is in the air at this time of year and the leaves outside are beginning to change colors.

If you're hosting a lot of people for Thanksgiving this year than you know how stressful it can be to get the food ready in time.

When you think about Thanksgiving you probably think about food before anything else. It's easy to forget that making the right drink can help accent all of your food to make it shine.

Cranberry Sauce is one of the most important dishes at Thanksgiving, but it is often one that gets little attention from the chef.

Thanksgiving is usually about pie. If you love pie, than you probably look forward to dessert more than anything, but if you don't like pie, it's not as much fun.