Daily Fun & Noteworthy Holidays

These are the holidays that you may have never heard of, or that maybe you have heard of because some of them can make people talk! They are the funny, silly, weird and wacky. They are the ones made up by organizations, groups, and well, we don't know where some of them got their start! We try to validate every daily holiday listed on our site and follow it back through it's history, however, some of the days are new and or just rumored. Most are not official holidays by any state or government. And many of them are just for fun or for acknowledging something in our society. So have fun, explore the daily holidays and celebrate!
Square root Square Root Day
Bloody Mary January 1 Bloody Mary Day
Copyright Law January 1 Copyright Law Day
Euro January 1 Euro Day
Commitment Day January 1 Commitment Day
Ellis Island January 1 Ellis Island Day
Words January 1 New Year's Dishonor List
buffet January 2 Buffet Day
Motivation and inspiration January 2 Motivation and Inspiration Day
Personal Trainer January 2 Personal Trainer Awareness Day
Cream Puffs January 2 Cream Puff Day
Pet Travel January 2 Pet Travel Safety Day
55 Speed Limit Sign January 2 55 MPH Speed Limit Day
Science Fiction January 2 Science Fiction Day
Drinking Straws January 3 Drinking Straw Day
Chocolate Covered Cherries January 3 National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
Festival of Sleep January 3 Festival of Sleep Day
hypnotism January 4 World Hypnotism Day
Birds January 5 Bird Day
Beans January 6 Bean Day
Basketball Court January 7 Harlem Globetrotters Day
bubble bath January 8 Bubble Bath Day
January 8 National English Toffee Day
words January 9 Word Nerd Day
Banjo January 10 Stephen Foster Memorial Day
Clean off your desk day January 11 Clean Off Your Desk Day
pharmacist January 12 Pharmacist Day
Radio January 13 Public Radio Broadcasting Day
Organize Your Home January 14 Organize Your Home Day
Strawberry Ice Cream January 15 Strawberry Ice Cream Day
Nothing Day January 16 Nothing Day
Kid Inventors January 17 Kid Inventor's Day
Thesaurus January 18 Thesaurus Day
Popcorn January 19 Popcorn Day
Penguins January 20 Penguin Awareness Day
Hugging January 21 Hugging Day
Hot Sauce January 22 Hot Sauce Day
Pies January 23 Pie Day
Peanut Butter January 24 Peanut Butter Day
Opposite Day January 25 Opposite Day
couple January 26 Spouse's Day
Chocolate Cake January 27 Chocolate Cake Day
Data Privacy January 28 Data Privacy Day
Freethinkers January 29 Freethinker's Day
Croissants January 30 Croissant Day
backwards day January 31 Backwards Day
Clean Computer Clean Out Your Computer Day
Engineering Girl Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
Child at the Library Take You Child to the Library Day
Password February 1 Change Your Password Day
Wetlands February 2 World Wetlands Day
Carrot Cake February 3 Carrot Cake Day
Liberace Wax Figure February 4 Liberace Day
Weatherperson February 5 Weatherperson's Day
Frozen Yogurt February 6 Frozen Yogurt Day
Dump Your Significant Jerk Day February 7 Dump Your Significant Jerk Day
Kite Flying February 8 Kite Flying Day
Reading in the Bathtub February 9 Read in the Bathtub Day
Umbrella February 10 Umbrella Day
Satisfied Staying Single Day February 11 Satisfied Staying Single Day
Charles Darwin February 12 Darwin Day
Frederick Douglass February 14 Frederick Douglass Day
Blue and Red Heart February 15 Angelman Syndrome Day
Almonds February 16 National Almond Day
Random Acts of Kindness February 17 Random Acts of Kindness Day
Pluto February 18 Pluto Day
Chocolate Mint February 19 Chocolate Mint Day
Cherry Pie February 20 Cherry Pie Day
Sticky Buns February 21 Sticky Buns Day
Margarita February 22 Margarita Day
Banana Bread February 23 Banana Bread Day
Tortilla Chips February 24 Tortilla Chip Day
Fairy Tale February 26 Tell a Fairy Tale Day
Strawberries February 27 Strawberry Day
Tooth under pillow February 28 Tooth Fairy Day
Group of people Companies That Care Day
Earth Earth Hour
Solo Vacation March 1 Plan a Solo Vacation Day
Reading March 2 Read Across America Day
American Flag March 3 National Anthem Day
Employees March 4 Employee Appreciation Day
Cheese Doodles March 5 Cheese Doodle Day
Oreos March 6 Oreo Cookie Day
telephone March 7 Alexander Graham Bell Day
name tag March 8 Unique Names Day
Get Over it Day March 9 Get Over it Day
Awesome March 10 International Day of Awesomeness
plumbing March 11 World Plumbing Day
family tree March 12 Genealogy Day
K-9 police March 13 K-9 Veterans Day
pi March 14 Pi Day
True Confessions March 15 True Confessions Day
American flag March 16 Freedom of Information day
Awkward date March 18 Awkward Moments Day
vegetables March 20 Meatout
single mom March 21 Single Parent Day
as old as you feel March 22 As Young As You Feel Day
OK sign March 23 OK Day
chocolate covered raisins March 24 National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day
Ring March 25 Tolkien Reading Day