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Inspiration Holidays

Celebrating Days that bring Inspiration honoring people, stories and moments that have Inspired Us

Inspiration Holidays

Inspiration Holidays are designated by the HolidaySmart Team to honor the influence of people, stories and moments and celebrate the passions they ignite in others. 

Inspiration Holidays:

Live Laugh Love Day - January 26 
inspired by Ellen DeGeneres

Minority Entrepreneur Day - January 29
inspired by Oprah Winfrey

Dunk Day - February 17
inspired by Michael Jordan

Decide Day - February 29 (28th in non-leap year)
inspired by Tony Robbins

Keep Moving Forward Day - March 30th
inspired by Disney & Meet the Robinsons

Give 100 Day - April 10th (9th on leap year - 100th day of the year)
inspired by those who give 100% everyday

Filmmaker Day - May 14
inspired by George Lucas

Stronger Together Day - October 26
inspired by Hillary Clinton

Live Your Passion Day - November 14
inspired by Gary V


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