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11 Adorable DIY Baby Costumes for Halloween

11 Adorable DIY Baby costumes for Halloween
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Halloween is a fun time to have a baby around. This is quite likely the only time in their lives when your kids will let you dress them in whatever costume you like. So why not dress them in something cute and fun that you made yourself? These costumes are easy to make, easy to wear, and absolutely overflowing with adorable.


1. Penguin

Penguin costume


This costume from Make it and Love it was paired with Mary Poppins costumes, but we this it works as a solo costume too. It's cozy and warm, so your baby will love wearing it this Halloween.


2. Circus Animal Cookie

baby costume

How fun is this costume from A Joyful Riot? People will be cooing about how colorful she is all night, but you can make it with clothes you already have so she won't be uncomfortable in new clothes.


3. Sushi

Sushi Halloween costume

This costume from Everyday Dishes is perfect for every newborn so cute you could just eat him up! It is simple, but recognizable and oh so comfortable to keep every fussy baby happy.


4. Dinosaur


What kid doesn't love dinosaurs? This tutorial from Andrea's Notebook will help you learn how to make a costume that your little bundle of joy will be happy to wear this Halloween.


5. Cotton Candy

Cotton candy costume

This costume from A Joyful Riot is so easy to make, perfect for the last minute when you're rushing to find something adorable for your baby to wear. And of course it's just as sweet as she is.


6. Owl

Owl halloween costume

The wings and details of this costume from Cutesy Crafts are sewn onto a plain onesie, so you can easily make this using fabric you already have lying around.


7. Sunshine and Rainbows

Sunshine and rainbow costume

That baby is the sunshine of your life, so why not make it literal with this costume from Merriment Design? This tutorial shows you how to sew all of the elements of this costume with easy patterns and techniques.


8. Bumblebee

Bumblebee costume

This costume from You and Mie is ideal for newborns so tiny they want to be swaddled in their costume safe and sound.


9. Mermaid

Mermaid baby costume

This costume from Everyday Dishes is another easy to make, simple to wear costume. You're baby can be a mermaid without to many bells and whistles to make her feel uncomfortable.


10. Sock Monkey

Sock monkey costume

This costume from Homemade Ginger is made by repurposing an old sweater. This is a great costume for when Halloween falls on a cold night, to keep your baby bundled up and warm.


11. Toothless Costume


What could be better than dressing your adorable baby up as an adorable cartoon character. This Toothless costume tutorial from Make it and Love it puts together a few simple pieces to do just that.

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