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21 Awesome Pieces of Halloween Jewelry

21 Awesome Pieces of Halloween Jewelry
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Halloween is the time of year when you can step away from yourself and feel comfortable being totally outrageous. You can wear things you generally wouldn't be brave enough to wear. Here's some amazing Halloween jewelry you can buy for this October.


1. Jack-o-Lantern Rings

Jack-o-lantern ring

Price: $30.21

This ring is a subtle and stylish way to show your holiday spirit. It is made of sterling silver.


2. Boo Necklace

Boo Necklace

Price: $21

This "boo" isn't very scary, but it is adorable and will match just about any outfit. You can get it in gold or silver.


3. Dinosaur Bone Ring

Bone Ring

Price: $12.50

If you can't get ahold of real dinosaur bones, this is the next best thing! You can wear a model of a dinosaur spine on your hands.


4. Blood Drip Necklace

Blood Necklace

Price: $24

This is all the fun of fake blood without all the time and effort. Make it a part of your Halloween costume or wear it on its own to make everyone look twice.


5. Lace Necklace

Lace necklace

Price: $13.99

Dark and dramatic, this necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry for every gothic beauty or vampire


6. Pumpkin Earrings

Pumpkin earrings

Price: $12

These polymer clay pumpkins are sure to make a statement at your next Halloween party.


7. Candy Corn Bracelet

Candy corn

Price: $16

Nothing says Halloween like trick-or-treating, and trick-or-treating means eating tons of candy corn. Wear the classic Halloween treat on your wrist with this fun charm bracelet!


8. Fang Necklace

Fang teeth

Price: $10.78

It's time to wear your vampire fangs with pride! This necklace is handmade using polymer clay and mica.


9. Spider Ring

Spider Ring

Price: $110.39

Every sorceress needs a sparkly spider friend. Everyone will be asking you where you got the beautiful spider ring.


10. Spider Web Bracelet

Spider Bracelet

Price: $7

This bracelet comes in 20 different colors, so you can pick your favorite and get one you'll really love!


11. Halloween Charm Bracelet

Halloween Bracelet

Price: $39

This black and orange charm bracelet screams Halloween so you can show your holiday spirit all through the season.


12. Witchy Bracelet

Resting Witch Face Bracelet

Price: $26

Let everyone know that you're not mad: witchy is just the way your face looks all the time.


13. Skull Earrings

Skull Earrings

Price: $15

Halloween is the holiday of darkness. Wear these earrings to bring your inner darkness our for the world to see.


14. Bite Me Bracelet

Bite Me Bracelet

Price: $12.50

This bracelet is perfect for vampire lovers this Halloween. It comes in many different colors to make the best fit for you.


15. Skull Earrings

Skull and roses

Price: $20

These skulls polymer clay earrings will make you feel scary and pretty all at once. Wear them for Halloween or for Dia de los Muertos.


16. Wolf Skull Necklace

Wolf Skull Necklace

Price: $16

This necklace is made from resin and looks just like a miniature wolf skull. 


17. Orange Fabric Necklace

Fabric Necklace

Price: $18

This fabric necklace will look great with your daytime Halloween outfit. Also, bonus! You can definitely wear this after Halloween.


18. Feather Collar

Feather Collar

Price: $35

There are few days when you can wear a feather collar without getting funny looks, but this will totally fit in on Halloween.


19. Rainbow Skull Bracelet

Rainbow Skull Bracelet

Price: $12

Orange and black aren't the only colors you can wear on Halloween. Wear this bracelet to show your love of Halloween with all the colors of the rainbow.


20. Crochet Earrings

Halloween Earrings

Price: $16

You can wear these crochet earrings throughout the month of October to show your love of Halloween.


21. Spider Chain Bracelet

Spider Bracelet

Price: $24

Spider's aren't great to find in your house, but they are great to wear on your hand. Imagine giving out candy to your neighbor's kids wearing this bracelet!



21 Awesome Pieces of Halloween Jewelry
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