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22 Terrifying Treats for Halloween

22 Terrifying Treats to spook the guests at your next Halloween party!
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Halloween is all about fear and discomfort. Haunted houses and horror movies are designed to scare people throughout the season. So why not make food that serves the same purpose? Serve every guest to your party foods that will make them say "Do I really want to eat that?" And of course the answer is "yes", because these treats are just as delicious as they are unsettling.


1. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

red velvet hot chocolate

This Red Velvet Hot Chocolate from Sugar Hero is creamy and delicious, perfect for a cold Halloween night. The combination of cream cheese and dark chocolate makes it both sweet and rich. But it looks just the right amount of gory and gross to make it a great addition to any Halloween party. Pair it with witch finger cookies for an even more terrifying effect.


2. Eyeball Cake Pops

eyeball cake pops

You can make these Eyeball Cake Pops from Bakerella with regular cake pop sticks, but sticking forks in them is a simple way to add another layer of discomfort to your Halloween party. No one wants a fork in the eye, unless of course it's in cake form.


3. Mini Mice Cakes

Halloween mice cakes

These Mini Mice Cakes from The Cake Blog are sure to make all of your guests feel uncomfortable. They are made with red velvet cake pop filling to make it seem like you might actually be eating a real mouse. Eek!


4. Monster Blood and Guts

Monster blood and guts

You can make simple cinnamon rolls into a scary snack by including raspberry jam into the recipe. This Tutorial from Lauren's Latest will teach you how to make Raspberry Cinnamon Roll Pull Aparts that are great for a Halloween breakfast or to take along with you to your next costume party.


5. The Blackbeard Cocktail

Black cocktail

The Blackbeard Cocktail from Honestly Yum looks like poison, but it's not... I'm almost positive. The black color is actually created by adding squid ink to the recipe, but don't worry, the flavor of the squid ink is totally masked by the other sweet ingredients. Taking a sip of this cocktail is like its own Halloween adventure.


6. Broken Glass Cupcakes

broken glass cupcakes

These Broken Glass Cupcakes from Kitchen Mason make eating a dangerous endeavor. Maybe you'll cut yourself on the shards, maybe you won't. You'll have to take a bite to find out.


7. Zombie Brains Cheesecake Dip

Zombie Brains Cheesecake Dip

This Zombie Brain Cheesecake Dip from B. Sweet Dessert Boutique is so delicious it will have all of your guests craving brains all night long. If you want to feel like a real zombie, this is the dessert for you.


8. Slimy Cyclops Cream Puffs

cyclops cream puffs

These Slimy Cyclops Cream Puffs from B. Sweet Dessert Boutique are gross but also sweet and oh so tasty. The only way to get that one eye to stop staring at you is to pop it into your mouth.


9. Halloween Test Tube Shots

halloween test tube shots

These Test Tube Shots from Everyday Dishes are a fun and dangerous addition to any Halloween party. They look like they shouldn't be edible, but the combination of cherries, lime juice, and melon liqueur makes them taste sweet and fruity.


10. Vampire Blood Lollypops

vampire blood lollypops

These Vampire Blood Lollypops from Curbly are so realistic you'll feel like you're actually eating blood. They're a simple recipe made from sugar, corn syrup, and red food coloring. Hand them out to trick or treaters or serve them to your party guests for a bloody good time.


11. Killer Cupcakes

Killer cupcakes

What makes these Killer Cupcakes from The Simple Sweet Life so terrifying is the realistic eyes. Make them with white fondant and food gel coloring. Your guests will have that unsettling feeling that someone is watching them.


12. Black Widow Candy Apples

black widow candy apples

These Black Widow Candy Apples from Happiness is Homemade call to mind one of the most deadly spiders in the world. They look poisonous but they taste like delicious candy apples.


13. Meringue Bones

Meringue Bones

These Meringue Bones from That Skinny Chick can Bake are paired with a delicious blood-red raspberry sauce. The bones are easy to make and simple to the taste, making them the perfect vehicle for the tangy and sweet sauce.


14. Halloween Eyeball Punch

Eyeball punch

Give your guests a drink that watches them with this Halloween Eyeball Punch from Happiness is Homemade. The eyeballs are made from Lychees and Blueberries and added to red juice to give it a bloody look. This recipe is kid-friendly, but you could easily add a little bit of alcohol for an adult party.


15. Witches' Fingers Cookies

witches fingers cookies

These Witches' Fingers from Annie's Eats are a play on the classic lady finger cookies. They are made with basic sugar cookie dough, so they can easily be paired with dips and sauces.


16. Brain Cupcakes

brain cupcakes

These Brian Cupcakes from The Simple Sweet Life are easy to make, but dramatic in effect. Red-died corn syrup gives tham a more bloody look. You can make these cupcakes your own by adding any flavoring of your choice.


17. Charred Blood Orange Tart

charred blood orange tart

This Blood Orange Tart from Ashlee Marie is another take on adding glass shards to your desserts, but this one is definitely for a more advanced baker. Blood orange is such a fun flavor for Halloween, it sounds spooky and it adds a red, bloody color.


18. Jello Worms in Oreo Dirt

Halloween Jello Worms

These Jello Worms from Six Sister Stuff are made from jello and shaped inside of bendable neck straws. The straws give the worms a much more realistic shape than store-bought gummy worms. They wiggle around in your mouth and all the way down to your stomach. Plus, making them at home allows you to make them with healthier ingredients than the store bought stuff.


19. Bloody Cheesecake

bloody cheesecake

This Bloody Cheesecake from Sugar Dish Me looks equal parts disgusting and delicious, the perfect Halloween combination! It is a red velvet cheesecake with red corn syrup to give it its bloody look. Leave a knife stuck in it to get the full effect.


20. Vampire Cocktail

vampire cocktail

Syringes of raspberry puree make this Vampire Cocktail from Self Proclaimed Foodie unique. Not only are the creepy and gory, they are also fun to make and fun to drink!


21. Tarantula Cookies

Tarantula cookies

Spiders are a common theme around Halloween, found in all kinds of desserts and sweet treats. These Tarantula Cookies from B. Sweet Dessert Boutique are set apart from all the rest because of how real they look. Your guests will feel like they're eating a real spider, but they'll be tasting shortbread cookie topped with caramel, chocolate, and coconut decorations.


22. Blood Splatter Cookies

blood splatter cookies

Cookies are one of the most common and simple dessert foods, especially when they are sugar cookies like these Blood Splatter Cookies from Annie's Eats. Splatter red icing over them to easily make these simple cookies into something sinister for Halloween.

22 Terrifying Treats to spook the guests at your next Halloween party!
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