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61 Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas

Halloween wedding ideas
Body First

Your wedding is a time to express your love for each other, but it's also an opportunity to throw a party that represents you and your significant other. If you both love Halloween, having a Halloween themed wedding on or around October 31st can be an excellent way to do that. You can incorporate Halloween themes into your traditional wedding or you can throw tradition out the window and make it creepy and costume filled.



Wedding planning often starts with the perfect dress, and a Halloween wedding is no different. This is a great opportunity to stray from tradition if you want to, and choose a dress that isn't white.


black wedding dress
Maggie Gallagher Photography

A black wedding dress will immediately set the mood for a creepy, gothic wedding.


Blue wedding dress
Nichole Nichols Photography

A Halloween wedding is also the perfect opportunity to wear something colorful and dramatic. All eyes will be on you.


black wedding dress
Megan Robinson

Black can still be glamorous, and if you want to feel dark and chic, a sparkly black dress might be the choice for you.


wedding dress masks
Rachael Lindsy

Incorporate the Halloween theme into your traditional white dress by wearing masks or other accessories like the ones listed below.




Accessories can be just as important as the wedding dress. They can take a traditional or plain dress and make it into something special and uniquely you.



This headpiece can be found on this etsy shop along with many other dark and dramatic choices.


Ace Photography

Adding wings to your dress is a simple way to make it into a costume.


bat veil
Vecoma Photography

This bat veil is a subtle nod to Halloween.


Modern Photography

Add a cape and a mask to your ensemble to feel like a super hero.


Wedding Party


Your wedding party is filled with the most important people in your life, so make sure you incorporate them into the Halloween theme and help them get into the spirit.


All black wedding party
Kristen Marie

Dress your crew in all black to set the tone.


halloween costumes
Bryan Humphrey

Have your wedding party all wear costumes of their own choosing to make your wedding a real Halloween party.


Liminality Photography

You can also dress them up in costumes that match your own.


zombie wedding
Redwood & Rye

For a unique Halloween wedding experience, dress your wedding party in zombie makeup and turn the celebration into the apocalypse.




Flowers are a part of almost every wedding, so they play an important part in setting the mood. Here are some Halloween bouquet examples for you and your girls.


Black roses
Jesse James

Black roses hold symbolic meaning that most people understand immediately. They are both creepy and romantic.


Gold pumpkin
Russell Gearhart Photography

Putting your elegant flowers in a painted Halloween candy bucket is an easy way to bring Halloween into your traditional affair.


Lacey Needham

You can also easily add skulls to your regular flowers.


Orange flowers
Katie Pritchard

This classy bouquet would fit well at any fall wedding. The added pumpkins make it perfect for Halloween.


Black flowers

Black colors and skulls are perfect for every dark and gothic wedding.


red flowers
Christopher Steven B. Photography

Blood red is another excellent color to set everyone on edge.


Black flowers
Di Bezi Photography

Handmade paper flowers are great because you can make them whatever you want them to be.


red flowers
Lora Mae Photography

Add chains to your flowers to instantly make them fit the Halloween theme.


dark flowers
Michelle Johnson Photography

Nothing says Halloween as well as dark colors. Add other elements such as feathers to your bouquet to make it even more dramatic.


Orange and black flowers
Vecoma Photography

Orange and black together immediately call Halloween to mind.


Flowers in a pumpkin
Katie Pritchard

You can also put your flowers in a real pumpkin.


Purple flowers
Danin Drahos

Purple can be a great Halloween color for your bouquets.


Sword flowers
Fireheart Photography

If you feel like you might have some dragons to fight on your wedding day, turn your bouquet into a sword.


Eyeball Flowers
Ava Weddings

eyeballs are another subtle addition to a creepy bridal bouquet.


Christopher Steven B. Photography

Lets not forget about the men. This boutineer feels like it could belong to a pirate.


Di Bezi Photography

This Boutineer will fit right in with every creep Halloween wedding.






Wedding cake
IZO Photography

Intricate black details make this cake feel a little more creepy.


tombstone cake
Bryan Humphrey

A tombstone cake will set your graveyard wedding apart.


Halloween cake
Di Bezi Photography

Black accents to a white cake make the perfect combination of traditional and creepy.


castle cake
Mentha Designs

Everyone will love this haunted castle wedding cake!


Corpse Bride cake
George Street Photography

This cake is corpse bride themed, but the simple black and white details lend themselves to any Halloween theme.


Octopus cake
Jadon Good Photography

Octopuses are taking over this beautifully designed cake.


Orange and black cake
Graham Slocombe 

So many Halloween elements make up this cake, but it is still not heavy handed.


Owl cake
Ashley Stauber

Every part of your Halloween wedding doesn't have to be scary. This owl cake brings in a little bit of cute.


Pumpkin cake
Ace Photography

This is a great cake for any fall wedding.


Halloween cake
Lisa Carpenter Photography

Black and white stripes plus purple flowers play into the Halloween theme in a subtle and classy way.


red and black cake
Liminality Photography

This cake has elements that mimic the bride's dress.


skull cake
Breakthrough Images

This skull is a real cake! Plus the other cake in the background is classy and creepy as well.


Dripping blood cake
Michelle Johnson Photography

Red drops that mimic blood instantly make a wedding cake feel like a Halloween cake.


halloween wedding cake
Christopher Steven B. Photography

Make your cake all black with a cascade of roses for a look that is both dark and romantic.


spider cake
Zoe Prinds-Flash Photography

This spider web cake is simple and understated, but still feels like Halloween.


tree cake
Brooke Trexler

I love the tree at the top of this cake and all the autumn elements included throughout.


poisoned cupcakes
Playful Moments Photography

If you'd rather have cupcakes than a full cake, make sure to put your guests on edge for the night with a sign like this one!


candy bar
Ace Photography

Have a candy bar instead of or in addition to a cake because nothing says Halloween like candy.




Decorations are the final piece of your wedding and one of the most important pieces. Whatever you use to decorate your reception hall will tell people exactly what kind of part they're at.


cave wedding
IZO Photography

This first element is location. Have a wedding inside of a cave to set a creepy tone.


Zoe Prinds-Flash Photography

Hanging bats create the illusion that they are flying around the room.


fall arch
Diane & Mike

A fall decorated wedding arch at the ceremony helps set the stage for the rest of the day.


white table setting
Desirees Huey Photography

Incorporate the halloween spirit into your classy, traditional wedding by painting pumpkins white and adding them to your table settings.


candle decorations
Convincing Image Photography

Sheer, black drapery around the room makes the whole event feel more dark.


fall wedding decor
Katie Pritchard

Painted pumpkins are adorable additions to your decorations and can be made to match any colors you choose.


wedding decorations
Diane & Mike

Make sure your guests get a taste of the theme the moment they arrive.


pumpkin decoration
Di Bezi Photography

Decorated pumpkins along the aisle help set the mood for the ceremony.


Table flowers
Redwood & Rye

Allowing your flowers to wilt a little bit before the wedding gives them a creepier appearance without taking anything away from their beauty.


flower centerpiece
Megan Robinson

Candles can be added to the centerpieces to help set the right ambiance.


haunted house
Holman Photography

Make your centerpiece a detailed haunted house for a completely unique experience.


halloween wedding decoration
Ed and Aileen Photography

This centerpiece is simple and elegant, but still feels like Halloween.



ring bearer

This coffin ring pillow is the perfect place to store your rings as they make their way down the aisle to you.


glass skull
Let's Frolic Together

Decorated Glass skulls are creepy and classy all at once.


Pippa Carvell Photography

Instead of rice or sparklers or any of the other traditional send offs, give your guests colored leaves to throw as you exit at the end of the night.

Halloween wedding ideas
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