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August Sturgeon Moon

August 2018's Sturgeon Moon
Body First

In August, the Full Sturgeon Moon finds its home in the water sign of Pisces, dipped in a slew of emotions. We may be more aware of deep feelings welling up to the surface now, perhaps as if we are being dragged below high tide. Pisces has a difficult time releasing its empathetic grasp on the world around itself, leading to an often compassionate demeanor. The desire to help the world is there, but as is a drive to escape the feelings one may be experiencing. Being around people and surrounded by crowds can seem overwhelming. As such, we may find ourselves in a dreamlike trance of avoidance. It’s important here that we be mindful of our interactions with others so as to prevent this helpful nature from being taken advantage of. Pisces asks that we recharge ourselves, seeking solace in spirituality and meditation.

The Moon Opposing the Sun in Virgo

While the emotional nature of the Moon in Pisces may have us wanting to run away from our emotions, this is opposed by the Sun in Virgo. Astronomical bodies in opposition see a sense of friction--they are approaching topics and events from two opposing viewpoints. Earthy Virgo is content as a busy bee. Its picky nature may seem critical, but its eye for detail creates an environment for great problem solving. This side of the opposition is antagonizing an impulse to throw ourselves into work, which may feel problematic for the emotional and often avoidant Pisces. A detail-oriented busyness will tug at us, pulling away from the Moon’s sensation of flight from feelings. However, both Pisces and Virgo are compassionate helpers, so it may be possible to reach a compromise in this attitude of helping. While Pisces wants us to seek solace within, this opposition suggests that there may be an outward expression of compassion that can benefit our emotional drives. Again, this compassion is one that can be taken advantage of, so personal boundaries are incredibly important. 

The Moon Sextile Uranus and Saturn

August 2018's Sturgeon Moon

Retrograde Uranus finds itself in the Earth sign of Taurus. Retrograde planets seem to the naked eye to be moving backwards in the sky, although realistically this is not the case. Astrologically speaking, the energy of a retrograde planet is warped and almost backwards as opposed to what it generally is. Uranus is independent, breaking rules in favor of personal freedom. This planet’s energy highlights any sense of confinement and uses creativity for major breakthroughs. However in retrograde, it may be difficult to ascertain where our boundaries end and others begin. Creative drives and independence can seem distant. The energy of Taurus, though, can help with this as its steadfast nature benefits the initial drive of Uranus. The planet’s ability to highlight confinement paired with this zodiac sign’s comfortability may point out where it is time we grow out of our comfort zones. Uranus being in retrograde, though, can cause a bit of fuzziness on this front.

The Moon is sextile Uranus in Taurus. Sextile aspects link planets in compatible elements. Here, we have earthy Taurus paired with watery Pisces eager to work with one another. The Moon in Pisces may strike a chord of escapism in our souls, or a fleeing of intense emotions that the moon has us experiencing. However, Uranus in Taurus asks that we take this discomfort and run with it--breaking through these feelings to create new boundaries and personal freedoms. How can we reinvent our feelings and our lives to better serve ourselves? The fluidity of Pisces’ emotion paired with the stubborn drive of Taurus may help us escape from discomfort and discover new, creative ways of being.

The Moon is also sextile Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is the authority figure. The keeper of rules and boundaries while also being the bringer of respect and discipline, this planet is at times seemingly unwavering. Saturn is also in retrograde, however, so these aspects are distorted. Discipline may feel hard to come by, but is aided by being in the Saturn ruled Capricorn, also a figure of authority. Capricorn has the capacity to build things--be it structures, careers, relationships--with the inherent understanding of how to do so. There is much discipline and potential in this alignment.

August 2018's Sturgeon Moon

With the Moon sextile this pairing, we have Earth and Water matched again. Capricorn acts as a stabilizing element to the watery emotions of Pisces. While the Moon may make us seek avoidance of our feelings, Saturn in Capricorn will have none of that--it demands we act as authority over our emotions and build from them rather than letting them tear us down. This falls hand in hand with the sextile aspect of the Moon and Uranus. It becomes apparent that now is a time of breaking free of what no longer serves us emotionally and start to build something different. This is a great time to begin new personal endeavors. 

Venus in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn

August 2018's Sturgeon MoonSquares create friction as they put planets at odds. Though challenging, tremendous growth can be had. Soft, sensual Venus is the queen of luxury and comfort. A desire for charm makes this planet outgoing, while a need for the finer things gives it a knack for finances. Libra is ruled by Venus, and so comes forth with an air of charming, well-balanced harmony. There’s a lot of sensualness and people pleasing here as a means of self gratification, but one must be careful not to tip the scales too far as alone time may be needed to recharge.

Pluto governs destruction, decay, and death. The purveyor of letting go, this planet highlights the benefit of trimming the dead leaves so new life can grow. Rejuvenation, renovation, and reincarnation are critical here as Pluto is the bringer of change whether we like it or not. The transformation that can be had is often painful, but it is rebirth into something greater. This may seem juxtaposed by Saturn-ruled Capricorn--but alas, much can be gained in this pairing. Sometimes the building up of new structures as Capricorn is wont to do requires the breaking down of the old that Pluto encourages.

The square aspecting these pairs is interesting as Venus wants comfort, whereas Pluto seeks destruction. The two are at odds because one clings while the other demands letting go. Frustrations and difficulties may also arise in our personal relationships There is immense potential for releasing what no longer serves, however. If we pay attention to what we cling to--be it habits, relationships, grudges, or even jobs--we may have a better idea of how growth can be born in the dropping of dead weight.

The Grand Trine

This aspect is incredibly powerful. It means that three astronomical bodies are equal distance from one another, creating a triangle in the sky. This creates a time for creativity, flow, and harmony. The ease with which this trine bestows upon us energetically is so powerful and beneficial that it runs the risk of making us passive, as things can seem a bit too easy during this time. Self discipline and motivation may be lacking, thus making overcoming obstacles difficult. 

The Sun is in a Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus, marking the only point this year with which a trine such as this will occur. The energies of these bodies are amplified, perhaps almost negating the effects felt through the retrograde of Saturn and Uranus. What this means is that energetically, we may feel more of a drive to engage in the busyness with which Sun in Virgo instills within us. What’s more, Uranus and Saturn are encouraging the creation of new personal boundaries and taking back authority over our emotions. There is much growth to be had here. At this time, the Grand Trine may not cause too much passivity as the Venus-Pluto square causes enough friction to motivate us to move forward with action.


August 2018's Sturgeon Moon

Emotions may feel very charged during this Full Moon as it rests in the watery sign of Pisces. Things long held under the surface can feel as if they’re boiling over. However, the sky is setting the stage for a period of immense personal growth. The Moon opposing the Sun in Virgo asks that we make ourselves busy with compassion--with others, but most importantly ourselves. We need to take the time to evaluate what it is we need and recharge ourselves accordingly. The Moon sextile Uranus in Taurus has us taking the discomfort we may be feeling from the emotions experienced in Pisces and learning from them how we can grow beyond our comfort zones. 

What’s more, the Moon sextile Saturn in Capricorn has us taking back control over our emotions, becoming authority of them once more while we ascertain the best way to build our lives and work with our feelings--as opposed to letting them run our lives in a negative fashion. The Grand Trine between the Sun, Saturn, and Uranus creates an element of harmony and creativity, the likes of which can cause a feeling of great (almost too much) ease in our lives. But Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn gives us the appropriate amount of tension we need to be motivated to action--this aspect shows us the importance of evaluating what needs to be let go so we can grow to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

No matter what emotions you may be experiencing in this time, know this: When the seed sprouted it thought it was dying, but it grew into something amazing. Growth can be painful--yet it’s an incredibly beneficial aspect of our lives. The Full Sturgeon Moon has laid the foundation for you to determine how to let go of what no longer serves and find that which does. What new personal discoveries will you make during this time?


August 2018's Sturgeon Moon