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Shinto is the primary religion of Japan, though some do not call it a religion and consider it more as a custom or tradition, known as "the way". Shinto literally means "Way of the Gods". It is different from many religions in that it has no official founder or religious texts. Formally established in Japan in the 8th century CE, Shintō serves as the foundation of many cultural practices in Japan.

Shinto is polytheistic, meaning it believes in multiple deities. The religion revolves around the belief in kami (gods or spirits) that inhabits all things. Kami are worshiped at household shrines and public shrines. 

There are many different sects or varying ways to practice Shinto though they all have the same basic foundation. Shinto focuses on adapting to the pragmatic requirements of life and place emphasis on tradition, family, nature, cleanliness and ritual observances.