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Flag of Armenia

Holidays & Observances in Armenia

Armenia is a landlocked country located in southwest Asia. It has an important Christian history, being the first nation to accept Christianity as its official religion despite the fact that many of its neighbors are predominantly Muslim. The official religion, Armenian Apostolic Christianity is one of the oldest national religions in the world. Many traditions of the church are similar to Catholicism, but they do not recognize the authority of the pope. Most of their religious holidays are celebrated on the orthodox date. Armenians celebrate many national pride holidays, but their most important holidays are their religious holidays. Easter is particularly important. The tradition of coloring eggs on Easter most likely began in Armenia. Armenians believe that Mary brought eggs and bread to the cross where her son hung. The eggs and bread were dyed by his blood and her tears.


Upcoming Popular Holidays

Country Observances

Common Observance Country Holiday Observance Type Holiday Date
Armed Forces Days Army Day National, Federal, Bank, Public
Ash Wednesday / Carnival Ash Wednesday/Carnival Spiritual, Religious, Beliefs
Palm Sunday Palm Sunday Spiritual, Religious, Beliefs
Victory and Peace Day National, Federal, Bank, Public
Independence Day Independence Day Armenia National, Federal, Bank, Public