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Holidays & Observances in Australia

Australia is a continent and country in the South Pacific Ocean. It is the largest island in the world, and the smallest continent in the world. Though Australia gained its independence from The United Kingdom in 1901, it still recognizes the British Queen as sovereign. As such, most holidays celebrated in Australia stem from celebrations in the United Kingdom, for instance, Australia celebrates the Queen’s Birthday on the second Monday in June. Over 50% of the Australian population identifies themselves as Christian, so Christian holidays are widely practiced throughout the country. There are also small populations of Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and Jewish Australians who celebrate their own holidays.

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Country Observances

Holiday Date Country Holiday Observance Type Religion/Belief
Ascension Day Religious/Beliefs Christianity
National Sorry Day Popular & Widely Observed
Shavuot Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Pentecost / Whit Sunday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Whit Monday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Trinity Sunday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Corpus Christi Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Eid al-Adha Religious/Beliefs Islam / Muslim
National Schools Tree Day - AU Noteworthy & Common
Tisha B'Av Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Assumption of Mary Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Rosh Hashanah Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Feast of St. Francis of Assisi Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Yom Kippur Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Mawlid - The Prophet's Birthday Religious/Beliefs Islam / Muslim
First day of Sukkot Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Shemini Atzeret Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Simchat Torah Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Diwali Religious/Beliefs Hinduism
Halloween Popular & Widely Observed
All Saints' Day Religious/Beliefs Christianity, Catholic
All Souls' Day - Day of the Dead Religious/Beliefs Christianity, Catholic
Remembrance Day Popular & Widely Observed
Feast of the Immaculate Conception Religious/Beliefs Christianity, Catholic
Hanukkah Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Christmas Eve Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed Christianity
Christmas Public
Christmas Public, Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed Christianity
Boxing Day - St. Stephen's Day Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Advent Religious/Beliefs Christianity
New Year's Day Popular & Widely Observed
Epiphany Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Chinese New Year Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed Chinese / East Asian, Taoism / Daoism, Confucianism
Australia Day Public
Australia Day Public
Tu B'Shevat Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Valentines Day Popular & Widely Observed
Isra and Mi’raj Religious/Beliefs Islam / Muslim
Mardi Gras - Shrove Tuesday / Fat Tuesday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Ash Wednesday/Carnival Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Purim Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
International Women's Day Popular & Widely Observed
Canberra Day Public, Local State, Region, Territory
St. Patrick's Day Popular & Widely Observed
Harmony Day Popular & Widely Observed
Palm Sunday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Maundy Thursday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Passover Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Good Friday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Holy Saturday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Easter Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed Christianity
Easter Monday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Yom HaShoah Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Eid al-Fitr Religious/Beliefs Islam / Muslim
ANZAC Day Public
Yom Ha’atzmaut Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Lag BaOmer Religious/Beliefs Judiasm & Jewish Holidays
Mothers Day Popular & Widely Observed
Ascension Day Religious/Beliefs Christianity