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Flag of Cyprus

Holidays & Observances in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country located in the Mediterranean. It is between Europe, Africa, and Asia, and its culture has been affected by all of them. Today Cyprus is culturally divided between the large Greek community in the south and the smaller Turkish community in the north. The Turkish population generally practices Islam while the Greek population is almost exclusively Greek Orthodox. Many of the official holidays in Cyprus are Greek and Greek Orthodox in nature, though Turkish and Islamic holidays are celebrated in the north.



Upcoming Popular Holidays

Country Observances

Holiday Date Country Holiday Common Observance Observance Type Religion/Belief
Assumption of Mary Assumption Day Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Independence Day Cyprus Independence Day Public
DST ends Daylight Saving Time Time Related
Ochi (Ohi) Day in Cyprus Ochi Day Public
Christmas Eve Christmas Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed Christianity
Christmas Christmas Public, Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed Christianity
Boxing Day - St. Stephen's Day Boxing Day - St. Stephen's Day Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Epiphany Epiphany - Three Kings Day Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Green Monday Clean Monday Public, Religious/Beliefs
Good Friday Good Friday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Easter Easter Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed Christianity
Easter Monday Easter Monday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Pentecost / Whit Sunday Pentecost (Whit Sunday) Religious/Beliefs Christianity