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Flag of Estonia

Holidays & Observances in Estonia

Estonia is a coastal East European country with many small islands. Religion is not very important in Estonia as many of its citizens do not associate with a religion. However, Roman Catholicism is the most common religion and its holidays are celebrated widely. Many people also still keep a connection with older Pagan religions, and some traditions from those religions are still prevalent in Estonian culture. For instance, Summer Solstice is celebrated each year including many old traditions. Christmas is probably the most important holiday as it coincides with an older pagan festival and with Christian beliefs. Traditions from both beliefs are included in the modern Estonian Christmas.


Upcoming Popular Holidays

Country Observances

Holiday Date Country Holiday Common Observance Observance Type Religion/Belief
Christmas Eve Christmas Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed Christianity
Christmas Christmas Public, Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed Christianity
Good Friday Good Friday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Easter Easter Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed Christianity
Easter Monday Easter Monday Religious/Beliefs Christianity
Pentecost / Whit Sunday Pentecost (Whit Sunday) Religious/Beliefs Christianity