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Flag of Liberia

Holidays & Observances in Liberia

Liberia is a country in West Africa. It became the first African republic when it was settled by freed American slaves in the early 1800s. The country was named Liberia to represent their newfound freedom. The freed slaves brought American values and culture with them, and when they took over a country that was already inhabited by many different African tribes, the clash of cultures caused many ethnic problems to erupt. The culture of Liberia today is still a mix of African and American cultures. Most of the country practices Christianity, but indigenous beliefs are still kept alive by many people.


Upcoming Popular Holidays

Country Observances

Common Observance Country Holiday Observance Type Holiday Date
Good Friday Good Friday Spiritual, Religious, Beliefs
Easter Easter Spiritual, Religious, Beliefs
Easter Monday Easter Monday Spiritual, Religious, Beliefs
Independence Day Independence Day Liberia National, Federal, Bank, Public
Christmas Christmas Eve Spiritual, Religious, Beliefs
Christmas Christmas National, Federal, Bank, Public