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Flag of Liechtenstein

Holidays & Observances in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a small Central European country located between Switzerland and Austria. Because of its small size and location, it has been greatly influenced from outside sources. Switzerland, Austria, and Germany have been the main contributing factors. The people of Liechtenstein enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. Most of the population practices Roman Catholicism, and many Catholic holidays are celebrated each year. Liechtenstein is almost always in a holiday season. The Christmas season, for instance, isn’t considered over until Candlemas on February 2nd. Holiday traditions in Liechtenstein are unique and stem from a combination of Catholic beliefs and Pre-Christian traditions.


Upcoming Popular Holidays

Country Observances

Common Observance Country Holiday Observance Type Holiday Date
Daylight Saving Time DST ends Time Related
Daylight Saving Time DST starts Time Related
National Day National Day Liechtenstein National, Federal, Bank, Public