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Flag of Malaysia

Holidays & Observances in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia. It is located on a mainland peninsula and a portion of the island of Borneo. It is extremely diverse both culturally and religiously. Islam is the official religion and is practiced by most of the people, but Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity also have strong followings. There are very few legal holidays in Malaysia, most of the emphasis is placed on religious celebrations. Religious festivals are celebrated openly, and people from all religions are generally invited to join in. Though Islamic holidays are the most widely celebrated Vesak, Diwali, and Christmas are each celebrated throughout the country.


Upcoming Popular Holidays

Country Observances

Holiday Date Country Holiday Common Observance Observance Type Religion/Belief
Eid al-Adha Eid al-Adha Religious/Beliefs Islam / Muslim
Christmas Eve Christmas Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed Christianity
Christmas Christmas Public, Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed Christianity
Chinese New Year Chinese New Year Religious/Beliefs, Popular & Widely Observed East Asian
Eid al-Fitr Eid al-Fitr Religious/Beliefs Islam / Muslim