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Flag of Montenegro

Holidays & Observances in Montenegro

Montenegro is a European country on the Adriatic Sea. It has been affected by many cultures throughout its history, and it has been connected with Serbia for many years. It only separated from Serbia in 2006, so the cultures of the two countries go hand in hand. In fact, the Serbian language is about equally as popular as Montenegrin. Most Montenegrins are members of the Serbian Orthodox church, but Islam is also a fairly popular religion. Serbian Orthodoxy affects many parts of Montenegro’s culture, especially holidays. The most important holidays are Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas. The Serbian Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar, so its holidays are celebrated on different dates than the standard Gregorian calendar dates.


Upcoming Popular Holidays

Country Observances

Common Observance Country Holiday Observance Type Holiday Date
Christmas Christmas Eve Spiritual, Religious, Beliefs
Christmas Christmas National, Federal, Bank, Public
Daylight Saving Time DST starts Time Related
Good Friday Good Friday Spiritual, Religious, Beliefs
Easter Easter Spiritual, Religious, Beliefs
Easter Monday Easter Monday Spiritual, Religious, Beliefs
Independence Day Independence Day National, Federal, Bank, Public
National Day National Day National, Federal, Bank, Public
Daylight Saving Time DST ends Time Related