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January's Birth Flowers

January Birth Flowers or Flowers of the Month are the flowers that traditionally symbolize the month of someone's birth. For January, the most internationally recognized Birth Flower is the Carnation. Another less recognized Birth Flower for January is the Snowdrop


January Flower CarnationCarnation is the internationally recognized flower for January. Carnations, similarly to roses, comes in several different colors to convey different meanings. A pink carnation symbolizes affection, a red carnation symbolizes love, a white carnation symbolizes pure love, striped carnations symbolizes hope that love can be shared or wishing to be together, and yellow symbolizes disappointment. But don't let the color symbols sway your choices. Carnations which are also commonly called Gillyflowers, are beautiful and appreciated in every color. 


January Flower SnowdropSnowdrop is also recognized by some as the flower for January. Snowdrops symbolize hope and beauty and goes along with the start of a new year. Snowdrops are pleasantly one of the first flowers to bloom in the new year.