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Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja is a Hindu Holiday celebrated on the sixth day after Diwali. This is a four days celebrations dedicated to Lord of light, energy and sun to promote the well being and prosperity in Human Beings.
Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja, also known as Dala Puja, Pratihar Sashthi or Surya Sasht, is a Hindu Celebration dedicated to the Sun God. 

History of Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja is said to be a ritual which dates back to ancient time. People follow this ritual for years now, but it is very difficult to tell the year from which this custom started. Chapter has it’s referenced in ancient Vedas as the Rigveda features hymns adulating the Lord Surya and exemplifies similar customs. It has also been mentioned in the Sanskrit epic poem of Mahabartha where Draupadi is observed as observing the same rituals.

According to the poem, noble sage Dhaumya, Draupadi and Pandavas performed the rituals of Chhat Puja. It was said that Draupadi not only helped Pandavas regain their lost kingdom but also came out of all her troubles.

Lord Rama's story also reflects the importance of Chhath Puja. The yogic or scientific history of Chhath Puja dates back to the Vedic times. The rishis of yesteryears used this method to remain alive without any external intake of food and were able to obtain energy from the sunlight. This was done through the rituals of Chhath Puja.

Another history reflecting the significance of Chhath Puja is the story of Lord Rama. It is believed that Lord Rama & Mata Sita had kept fast together and offered puja to Lord Surya in the month of Kartik (in between October and December) in Shukla Paksha during their coronation after returning to Ayodhya from an exile of 14 years. Since then Chhath Puja became the important and traditional festival in the Hindu religion. It started celebrating every year in the same month on the same date by people in the Hindu religion.

A long time ago, King named Priyabrat and his wife Malini were living happily, but they were still sad from inside as they did not have any children. The king also approached Maharishi Kashyap and arranged a big Yagya. His wife with the help of Yagya got pregnant but she delivered a dead child. The king got very upset and decided to end his life. Suddenly, Devsena appeared and asked him to worship her for 6 days with pure mind and soul. After worshipping her, King was blessed with a beautiful son. Since then people started worshipping Chhathi Maiya.


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Chhath Puja