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Inspire Goodness Month

Inspire Goodness Month

October is Inspire Goodness Month

October is the month to focus on inspiring good in the world. Most people go through each day doing the same things, reacting the same ways, and thinking inside their box. October is the month to start to think about what you can do to help the world, to inspire a goodness in humanity and spark unity. 

What you can do to Inspire Goodness

  • Do something good! Sound easy doesn't it. Think outside the norm and do something good for a friend, co-worker, employee, boss, neighbor or stranger. 
  • Pay it forward. Use the inspiration of this saying and think about something good someone did to help you and pay it forward by helping another. 
  • Be inspirational to those around you and organize a donation or contribute to a good cause. 
  • Inspire goodness in others by not getting caught up in negative or mean talk.
  • Start a new tradition heading into the holiday season that does something good for a person or group of people.