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Initiate Love Month

Love Month

February is Initiate Love Month

Uniting the World through love and understanding is the theme of February. Every human on the planet has one thing in common, we all want to be loved. By initiating a loving spirit toward another person, you will bring more love into the world and create love in return. 

Things you can do to Initiate Love in the World

  • If you see someone is having a bad day, help them out, share with them an understanding that we've all been there and give them a compliment for doing as good as they are. 
  • Open a door or hold the door for someone. 
  • Smile. It is amazing how far a smile can go to bring more light into a persons day. 
  • Open your eyes and your heart to the people around you and try to see the world through their eyes.
  • Offer to help a neighbor
  • Call an old friend
  • Visit an elder
  • Volunteer for a cause
  • Try to go through the whole month without hateful, mean, angry or negative thoughts towards any human being, group or peoples and instead, see them through a loving heart.