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Build Relationships Month

Relationships Month

April is Build Relationships Month

Uniting people around the world starts with building relationships. April is the month to focus on building and strengthening relationships with others. 

What you can do to Build Relationships that help Unite People

  • At work, say hello to fellow employees, invite someone you don't know very well for coffee or lunch.
  • Reach out to someone who you wouldn't normally go out of your way to talk to and start up a conversation. 
  • On TV and social sites, step outside of your bubble and watch a different news station, join a new social group and learn more about others who think and/or believe differently than you. 
  • Talk to those around you, specifically someone who is different than you and learn more about them. 
  • Find ways to reach out across state and country borders to those in other locations and build a relationship with someone who has a very different lifestyle than your own.