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Chinese / East Asian

China and the East Asia Religion is a system of beliefs that is based on cultural and historical traditions. The traditions vary across many cultures and have developed over time into festivals, worship and celebrations. Many of the festivals are based on the lunar year

Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and Chinese Folklore are deep in the cultures of the regions across East Asia and are religions that have influenced each other throughout history. Shinto is also part of the East Asian religions and is observed primarily in Japan. 

These foundational religions are rooted in a humanist philosophy. There are many religions across the region that stem from one of these base belief systems. Most share in the core concepts of spirituality, divinity, cosmology, and morality (world order). 

Tian: the transcendent source of moral meaning
qi: the breath or energy that animates the universe
jingzu: the veneration of ancestors
bao ying: moral reciprocity

Many spiritual and celebratory practices vary from one province or village to another and are highly focused on communities and kinship. The holidays in the East Asian Cultures are focused on celebrating, typically through festivals based on common themes and traditions.