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Daily Fun & Noteworthy Holidays relating to Spirituality & Beliefs

The daily holidays listed here are fun, silly, weird and wacky, and they are also days for remembrance, to support a cause or to celebrate something in our society. These observances are typically not official by any state or government, most originate by organizations, groups, and well, we don't know where some of them got their start! So have fun, explore the daily holidays and celebrate!
Friday the 13th Friday the 13th
hypnotism January 4 World Hypnotism Day
Skeptics Day January 13 Skeptics Day
Nothing Day January 16 Nothing Day
Religious Freedom Day January 16 Religious Freedom Day
Freethinkers Day January 29 Freethinker's Day
Present Moment Awareness Day February 16 Present Moment Awareness Day
No Brainer Day February 27 No Brainer Day
World Day of Prayer March 4 World Day of Prayer
Debunking Day March 11 Debunking Day
Ides of March March 15 Ides of March
Everything You Think is Wrong Day March 15 Everything You Think is Wrong Day
Every Thing You Do is Right Day March 16 Every Thing You Do is Right Day
Alien Abduction Day March 20 Alien Abduction Day
Solitude Day March 26 Solitude Day
Atheist's Day April 1 Atheist's Day
Tangible Karma Day April 3 Tangible Karma Day
Smigus Dyngus (Dingus) Day / Wet Monday April 18 Smigus Dyngus (Dingus) Day / Wet Monday
Ask an Atheist Day April 21 Ask an Atheist Day
Garden Meditation Day May 3 Garden Meditation Day
Paranormal Day May 3 Paranormal Day
Reason May 5 Day of Reason
National Day of Prayer U.S. May 5 National Day of Prayer
Trust Your Intuition Day May 10 Trust Your Intuition Day
Pillow May 29 Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day
Atheist Pride Day June 6 Atheist Pride Day
Atheist Solidarity Day June 21 Atheist Solidarity Day
Humanist Day June 21 Humanist Day
Fairy Day June 24 Fairy Day
Leon Day June 25 Leon Day
Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day July 16 Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day
Hammock Day July 22 Hammock Day
Thread the Needle Day July 25 Thread The Needle Day
National Psychic Day August 1 Psychic Day
Happiness Happens Day August 8 Happiness Happens Day
Serendipity Day August 18 Serendipity Day
Just Because Day August 27 Just Because Day
Choose Happiness Day September 5 Choose Happiness Day
Positive Thinking Day September 13 Positive Thinking Day
BRAVE Day September 24 BRAVE Day
Do Something Nice Day October 5 Do Something Nice Day
Inner Beauty Day October 7 Inner Beauty Day
Free Thought Day October 12 Free Thought Day