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May Daily Fun & Noteworthy

Daily May holidays that are the funny, silly, weird, wacky and notable. Made up by organizations, groups, and well, we don't know where some of them got their start! These are not official holidays. These are the notable and fun holidays celebrating something noteworthy in our society.
World Migratory Bird Day World Migratory Bird Day
Global Love Day May 1 Global Love Day
International Workers' Day May 1 International Workers' Day
Lei Day May 1 Lei Day
Law Day May 1 Law Day
Mother Goose Day May 1 Mother Goose Day
Chocolate Parfait Day May 1 Chocolate Parfait Day
Save the Rhino Day May 1 Save the Rhino Day
CSS Reboot Day May 1 CSS Reboot Day
Free Comic Book Day May 1 Free Comic Book Day
Herb Day May 1 Herb Day
International Drone Day May 1 International Drone Day
Join Hands Day May 1 Join Hands Day
Homebrew Day May 1 Homebrew Day
Purebred Dog Day May 1 Purebred Dog Day
Doodle Dog Day May 1 Doodle Dog Day
Start Seeing Monarchs Day May 1 Start Seeing Monarchs Day
School Bus Driver's Day May 2 School Bus Driver's Day
World Tuna Day May 2 World Tuna Day
Fire Day May 2 Fire Day
Play Your Ukulele Day May 2 Play Your Ukulele Day
Truffle Day May 2 Truffle Day
Quests on Earth Day May 2 Quests on Earth Day
Astronomy Day May 2 Astronomy Day
lemonade May 2 Lemonade Day
Orange people May 3 Melanoma Monday
Textiles Day May 3 Textiles Day
May 3 Specially Abled Pets Day
Paranormal Day May 3 Paranormal Day
National Two Different Colored Shoes Day® May 3 National Two Different Colored Shoes Day
May 3 Wordsmith Day
May 3 World Press Freedom Day
Public Radio Day May 3 Public Radio Day
Great Lakes Awareness Day May 3 Great Lakes Awareness Day
Garden Meditation Day May 3 Garden Meditation Day
Chocolate Custard Day May 3 Chocolate Custard Day
Raspberry Tart Day May 3 Raspberry Tart Day
School May 4 Teachers' Day
Respect for Chickens Day May 4 Respect for Chickens Day
Star Wars May 4 Intergalactic Star Wars Day - May the Fourth Be With You
Kids Fitness Day May 4 Kids Fitness Day
Orange Juice Day May 4 Orange Juice Day
Candied Orange Peel Day May 4 Candied Orange Peel Day
Anti-Bullying Day May 4 Anti-Bullying Day
World Asthma Day May 4 World Asthma Day
Revenge of the Fifth May 5 Revenge of the Fifth
Make-A-Book Day May 5 Make-A-Book Day
Totally Chipotle Day May 5 Totally Chipotle Day
Enchilada Day May 5 Enchilada Day
Bike to School Day May 5 Bike to School Day
Hand Hygiene Day May 5 Hand Hygiene Day
Cartoonists Day May 5 Cartoonists Day
Hoagie Day May 5 Hoagie Day
Museum Lover's Day May 5 Museum Lover's Day
Crêpe Suzette Day May 6 Crêpe Suzette Day
Reason May 6 Day of Reason
Beverage Day May 6 Beverage Day
No Diet Day May 6 No Diet Day
Tourist Appreciation Day May 6 Tourist Appreciation Day
Russel Stover Candies Day May 6 Russel Stover Candies Day
Nurses Day May 6 Nurses Day
National Day of Prayer U.S. May 6 National Day of Prayer
Sauvignon Blanc Day May 7 Sauvignon Blanc Day
Public Gardens Day May 7 Public Gardens Day
Cosmopolitan Day May 7 Cosmopolitan Day
Roast Leg of Lamb Day May 7 Roast Leg of Lamb Day
May 7 World Password Day
May 7 International Space Day
May 7 Provider Appreciation Day
International Tuba Day May 7 International Tuba Day
Try Something New Day May 7 Try Something New Day
Babysitters Day May 8 Babysitters Day
Windmill Day May 8 Windmill Day
World Fair Trade Day May 8 World Fair Trade Day
birthmother May 8 Birthmother's Day
Mother Ocean Day May 8 Mother Ocean Day
World Belly Dance Day May 8 World Belly Dance Day
Dog Mom's Day May 8 Dog Mom's Day
Coconut Cream Pie Day May 8 Coconut Cream Pie Day
No Socks Day May 8 No Socks Day
National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day May 8 Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
Free Trade Day May 8 Free Trade Day
Ovarian Cancer Day May 8 Ovarian Cancer Day
May 8 World Red Cross Day
Archery Day May 8 Archery Day
Hooray for Buttons Day May 9 Hooray for Buttons Day
Sleepover Day May 9 Sleepover Day
Stay Up All Night Day May 9 Stay Up All Night Day
Europe Day May 9 Europe Day
Lost Sock Memorial Day May 9 Lost Sock Memorial Day
Train May 9 Train Day
Butterscotch Brownie Day May 9 Butterscotch Brownie Day
Moscato Day May 9 Moscato Day
Woman without shoes May 10 One Day Without Shoes
Shrimp Day May 10 Shrimp Day
Small Business Day May 10 Small Business Day
Lipid Day May 10 Lipid Day
Trust Your Intuition Day May 10 Trust Your Intuition Day
Women's Checkup May 10 Women's Checkup Day
World Lupus Day May 10 World Lupus Day
Woman making the bed May 10 Clean Up Your Room Day
Hamster Day May 10 Hamster Day
Foam Rolling Day May 11 Foam Rolling Day
Hostess Cupcake Day May 11 Hostess Cupcake Day
Twilight Zone Day May 11 Twilight Zone Day
Eat What You Want Day May 11 Eat What You Want Day
International Awareness Day May 12 International Awareness Day
School Nurses Day May 12 School Nurses Day
Odometer Day May 12 Odometer Day
donate May 12 Donate a Days Wages to Charity Day
Nightshift Workers Day May 12 Nightshift Workers Day
Nutty Fudge May 12 Nutty Fudge Day
Limerick Day May 12 Limerick Day
Frog Jumping Day May 13 Frog Jumping Day
Receptionists Day May 13 Receptionists Day
Fruit Cocktail Day May 13 Fruit Cocktail Day
Hummus Day May 13 Hummus Day
Crouton Day May 13 Crouton Day
World Orienteering Day May 13 World Orienteering Day
Brioche Day May 14 Brioche Day
Fintastic Friday May 14 Fintastic Friday
Decency Day May 14 Decency Day
Buttermilk Biscuit Day May 14 Buttermilk Biscuit Day
Dance Like a Chicken Day May 14 Dance Like a Chicken Day
Filmmaker Day May 14 Filmmaker Day
Endangered Species Day May 15 Endangered Species Day
Children learning to swim May 15 Learn to Swim Day
International Day of Families May 15 International Day of Families
Culture Freedom Day May 15 Culture Freedom Day
River Cleanup Day May 15 River Cleanup Day
May 15 MPS Awareness Day
International Defense Transportation Day May 15 International Defense Transportation Day
Chocolate Chip Day May 15 Chocolate Chip Day
Straw Hat Day May 15 Straw Hat Day
International Virtual Assistants Day May 15 International Virtual Assistants Day
Slider Day May 15 Slider Day
Nylon Stockings Day May 15 Nylon Stockings Day
World Fiddle Day May 15 World Fiddle Day
May 15 Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Global Awareness Day
Piercings Day May 16 Piercing Day
Honor Our LGBT Elders Day May 16 Honor Our LGBT Elders Day
Ride a Unicycle Day May 16 Ride a Unicycle Day
International Day of Living Together in Peace May 16 International Day of Living Together in Peace
International Day of Light May 16 International Day of Light
World Whisky Day May 16 World Whisky Day
Biographer's Day May 16 Biographer's Day
Sea Monkey Day May 16 Sea Monkey Day
Mimosa Day May 16 Mimosa Day
Love a Tree Day May 16 Love a Tree Day
Stepmother's Day May 16 Stepmother's Day
Pack Rat Day May 17 Pack Rat Day
Cherry Cobbler Day May 17 Cherry Cobbler Day
May 17 International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia
Walnut Day May 17 Walnut Day
World Telecommunication and Information Society Day May 17 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
Baobab Tree Day May 17 Baobab Tree Day
Baking May 17 World Baking Day
Mother Whistler Day May 18 Mother Whistler Day
I Love Reese’s Day May 18 I Love Reese’s Day
Cheese Soufflé Day May 18 Cheese Soufflé Day
HIV Vaccine Awareness Day May 18 HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
No Dirty Dishes Day May 18 No Dirty Dishes Day
Visit Your Relatives Day May 18 Visit Your Relatives Day
Accounting May 18 Accounting Day
Louvre Museum May 18 International Museum Day
National Hepatitis Testing Day May 19 National Hepatitis Testing Day
Scooter Day May 19 Scooter Day
National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day May 19 National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Employee Health and Fitness Day May 19 Employee Health and Fitness Day
Boys Club Day May 19 Boy's Club Day
Turn Beauty Inside Out Day May 19 Turn Beauty Inside Out Day
May Ray Day May 19 May Ray Day
Devil's Food Cake Day May 19 Devil's Food Cake Day
Notebook Day May 20 Notebook Day
Be a Millionaire Day May 20 Be a Millionaire Day
Pick Strawberries Day May 20 Pick Strawberries Day
Eliza Doolittle Day May 20 Eliza Doolittle Day
Quiche Lorraine Day May 20 Quiche Lorraine Day
Juice Slushy Day May 20 Juice Slushy Day
Chardonnay Day May 20 Chardonnay Day
Rescue Dog Day May 20 Rescue Dog Day
Weights & Measures Day May 20 Weights & Measures Day
World Bee Day May 20 World Bee Day
Talk Like Yoda Day May 21 Talk Like Yoda Day
Bike to Work Day May 21 Bike to Work Day
American Red Cross Founder's Day May 21 American Red Cross Founder's Day
Strawberries and Cream Day May 21 Strawberries and Cream Day
Pizza Party Day May 21 Pizza Party Day
Memo Day May 21 Memo Day
World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development May 21 World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
Wig Out Day May 22 Wig Out Day
Musical instruments May 22 Buy a Musical Instrument Day
World Paloma Day May 22 World Paloma Day
Solitaire Day May 22 Solitaire Day
Vanilla Pudding Day May 22 Vanilla Pudding Day
World Goth Day May 22 World Goth Day
Sherlock Holmes Day May 22 Sherlock Holmes Day
Harvey Milk Day May 22 Harvey Milk Day
Craft Distillery Day May 22 Craft Distillery Day
International Day for Biological Diversity May 22 International Day for Biological Diversity
Heat Awareness Safety Day aka Don't Fry Day May 22 Heat Awareness Safety Day aka Don't Fry Day
Sea Turtle May 23 World Turtle Day
Best Friend-in-Law Day May 23 Best Friend-in-Law Day
Lucky Penny Day May 23 Lucky Penny Day
Taffy Day May 23 Taffy Day
Escargot May 24 Escargot Day
Road Trip Day May 24 Road Trip Day
Asparagus Day May 24 Asparagus Day
Brother's Day May 24 Brother's Day
International Tiara Day May 24 International Tiara Day
Tap Dance Day May 25 Tap Dance Day
Wine Day May 25 Wine Day
Towel Day May 25 Towel Day
Geek Pride May 25 Geek Pride Day
Sing Out Day May 25 Sing Out Day
Title Track Day May 25 Title Track Day
World Thyroid Day May 25 World Thyroid Day
Missing Children's Day May 25 Missing Children's Day
Cherry Dessert Day May 26 Cherry Dessert Day
Paper Airplane Day May 26 Paper Airplane Day
World Dracula Day May 26 World Dracula Day
Blueberry cheesecake May 26 Blueberry Cheesecake Day
World Redhead Day May 26 World Redhead Day
World Lindy Hop Day May 26 Lindy Hop Day
Sun Screen Day May 27 Sun Screen Day
Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day May 27 Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day
Italian Beef Day May 27 Italian Beef Day
World Otter Day May 27 World Otter Day
Grape Popsicle Day May 27 Grape Popsicle Day
Cellophane Tape Day May 27 Cellophane Tape Day
Nothing to Fear Day May 27 Nothing to Fear Day
Old-Time Player Piano Day May 27 Old-Time Player Piano Day
National Senior Health & Fitness Day May 27 Senior Health & Fitness Day
Hamburger Day May 28 Hamburger Day
Cooler Day May 28 Cooler Day
Brisket Day May 28 Brisket Day
Amnesty International Day May 28 Amnesty International Day
Paper Clip Day May 29 Paper Clip Day
Digestive Health Day May 29 Digestive Health Day
Pillow May 29 Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day
International Day of UN Peacekeepers May 29 International Day of UN Peacekeepers
Biscuit Day May 29 Biscuit Day
Learn About Composting Day May 29 Learn About Composting Day
Loomis Day May 30 Loomis Day
Nail Tech Day May 30 Nail Tech Day
Creativity Day May 30 Creativity Day
Play in the Sand Day May 30 Play in the Sand Day
Mint Julep May 30 Mint Julep Day
Macaroon Day May 31 Macaroon Day
Smile Day May 31 Smile Day
Meditation Day May 31 Meditation Day
Speak in Complete Sentences Day May 31 Speak in Complete Sentences Day
Save Your Hearing Day May 31 Save Your Hearing Day
Web designer May 31 Web Designer Day
World No Tobacco Day May 31 World No Tobacco Day