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July Daily Fun & Noteworthy

Daily July holidays that are the funny, silly, weird, wacky and notable. Made up by organizations, groups, and well, we don't know where some of them got their start! These are not official holidays. These are the notable and fun holidays celebrating something noteworthy in our society.
International Joke Day July 1 International Joke Day
Envelope July 1 Zip Code Day
Resolution Renewal Day July 1 Resolution Renewal Day
Postal Worker Day July 1 Postal Worker Day
U.S. Postage Stamp Day July 1 U.S. Postage Stamp Day
Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day July 1 Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
Gingersnap Day July 1 Gingersnap Day
July 2 International Day of Cooperatives
UFO July 2 World UFO Day
Hop-a-Park Day July 2 Hop-a-Park Day
Raspberry Cheesecake Day July 2 Raspberry Cheesecake Day
Anisette Day July 2 Anisette Day
Build a Scarecrow Day July 3 Build a Scarecrow Day
Chocolate Wafer Day July 3 Chocolate Wafer Day
Eat Beans Day July 3 Eat Beans Day
Fried Clam Day July 3 Fried Clam Day
Plastic bag free day July 3 International Plastic Bag Free Day
Stay Out of the Sun Day July 3 Stay Out of the Sun Day
Caesar Salad Day July 4 Caesar Salad Day
Barbecue Day July 4 Barbecue Day
Vegetables July 4 Independence From Meat Day
Apple Turnover Day July 5 Apple Turnover Day
Graham Cracker Day July 5 Graham Cracker Day
Bikini July 5 Bikini Day
International Kissing Day July 6 International Kissing Day
Fried Chicken July 6 Fried Chicken Day
Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day July 6 Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day
Father Daughter Take a Walk Day July 7 Father Daughter Take a Walk Day
chocolate day July 7 World Chocolate Day
Strawberry Sundae Day July 7 Strawberry Sundae Day
Macaroni Day July 7 Macaroni Day
Global Forgiveness Day July 7 Global Forgiveness Day
Tell the Truth Day July 7 Tell the Truth Day
Coca Cola Day July 8 Coca Cola Day
July 8 SCUD Day (Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama Day)
Collector Car Appreciation Day July 8 Collector Car Appreciation Day
math July 8 Math 2.0 Day
Motorcycle Day July 8 Motorcycle Day
Chocolate with Almonds Day July 8 Chocolate with Almonds Day
Video Game Day July 8 Video Game Day
Optimists Day July 9 Optimists Day
Sugar cookie July 9 Sugar Cookie Day
July 10 Clerihew Day
Oil Day (Dab Day) July 10 Oil Day (Dab Day)
Don't Step on a Bee Day July 10 Don't Step on a Bee Day
Pick Blueberries Day July 10 Pick Blueberries Day
Global Energy Independence Day July 10 Global Energy Independence Day
Pina Colada July 10 Pina Colada Day
Mojito Day July 11 Mojito Day
World Population Day July 11 World Population Day
Blueberry Muffin Day July 11 Blueberry Muffin Day
Cheer up the Lonely Day July 11 Cheer up the Lonely Day
7-11 Slurpee Day July 11 7-11 Slurpee Day
Rainier Cherry July 11 Rainier Cherry Day
Different Colored Eyes Day July 12 Different Colored Eyes Day
Cow Appreciation Day July 12 Cow Appreciation Day
Pecan Pie Day July 12 Pecan Pie Day
Simplicity Day July 12 Simplicity Day
New Conversations Day July 12 New Conversations Day
Paper Bag Day July 12 Paper Bag Day
Etch-a-Sketch Day July 12 Etch a Sketch Day
Jello Day July 12 Jello Day
French Fries July 13 French Fries Day
Embrace Your Geekness Day July 13 Embrace Your Geekness Day
Rubik Day July 13 Rubik Day
Bean 'n' Franks Day July 13 Bean 'n' Franks Day
Rock Day July 13 Rock Day
Beef Tallow Day July 13 Beef Tallow Day
Nitrogen Ice Cream Day July 13 Nitrogen Ice Cream Day
Shark Awareness Day July 14 Shark Awareness Day
Grand Marnier Day July 14 Grand Marnier Day
Mac & Cheese Day July 14 Mac & Cheese Day
Nude Day July 14 Nude Day
Tape Measure Day July 14 Tape Measure Day
Pandemonium Day July 14 Pandemonium Day
pet fire safety day July 15 Pet Fire Safety Day
World Youth Skills Day July 15 World Youth Skills Day
Be a Dork Day July 15 Be a Dork Day
I Love Horses Day July 15 I Love Horses Day
Tapioca Pudding Day July 15 Tapioca Pudding Day
Gummi Worm Day July 15 Gummi Worm Day
Give Something Away Day July 15 Give Something Away Day
Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day July 16 Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day
Guinea Pig Appreciation Day July 16 Guinea Pig Appreciation Day
Corn Fritters Day July 16 Corn Fritters Day
World Snake Day July 16 World Snake Day
Tattoo Day July 17 Tattoo Day
Yellow Pig Day celebrate 17 July 17 Yellow Pig Day
Ice Cream Day July 17 Ice Cream Day
Disneyland July 17 Disneyland Day
Giant Sequoias Tree Day July 17 Giant Sequoias Tree Day
Peach Ice Cream Day July 17 Peach Ice Cream Day
Lake Superior Day July 17 Lake Superior Day
World Emoji Day July 17 World Emoji Day
Sour Candy Day July 18 Sour Candy Day
World Listening Day July 18 World Listening Day
Caviar July 18 Caviar Day
Nelson Mandela International Day July 18 Nelson Mandela International Day
Insurance Nerd Day July 18 Insurance Nerd Day
Flitch of Bacon Day July 19 Flitch of Bacon Day
Raspberry Cake Day July 19 Raspberry Cake Day
daiquiri day July 19 Daiquiri Day
Moon Day July 20 Moon Day
Lollipop Day July 20 Lollipop Day
Space exploration day July 20 Space Exploration Day
World Jump Day July 20 World Jump Day
International Chess Day July 20 International Chess Day
Hot Dog July 20 Hot Dog Day
Fortune Cookie Day July 20 Fortune Cookie Day
No Pet Store Puppies Day July 21 No Pet Store Puppies Day
Junk Food Day July 21 Junk Food Day
Lamington Day July 21 Lamington Day
Spooners Day July 22 Spooner's Day
Casual Pi Day July 22 Casual Pi Day
Penuche Fudge Day July 22 Penuche Day
Hammock Day July 22 Hammock Day
Gorgeous Grandma Day July 23 Gorgeous Grandma Day
Vanilla Ice Cream Day July 23 Vanilla Ice Cream Day
Sprinkles Day July 23 Sprinkles Day
Thermal Engineer Day July 24 Thermal Engineer Day
Tequila Day July 24 Tequila Day
Drive-Thru Day July 24 Drive-Thru Day
International Self Care Day July 24 International Self Care Day
Cousins day July 24 Cousin's Day
Hot Fudge Sundae Day July 25 Hot Fudge Sundae Day
Wine & Cheese Day July 25 Wine & Cheese Day
Hire a Veteran Day July 25 Hire a Veteran Day
Thread the Needle Day July 25 Thread The Needle Day
carousel day July 25 Carousel Day / Merry-Go-Round Day
One Voice Day July 26 One Voice Day
All or Nothing Day July 26 All or Nothing Day
Aunt and Uncle day July 26 Aunt and Uncle Day
Bagelfest Day July 26 Bagelfest Day
Coffee Milkshake Day July 26 Coffee Milkshake Day
Creme Brulee Day July 27 Creme Brulee Day
Scotch Day July 27 Scotch Day
Girl walking on stilts July 27 Walk on Stilts Day
Intern Day July 28 Intern Day
Milk Chocolate Day July 28 Milk Chocolate Day
Waterpark Day July 28 Waterpark Day
Parents Day July 28 Parents Day
World Hepatitis Day July 28 World Hepatitis Day
Refreshment Day July 28 Refreshment Day
Chili dog July 28 Chili Dog Day
Talk in an Elevator Day July 29 Talk in an Elevator Day
lasagna day July 29 Lasagna Day
System Administrator Appreciation Day July 29 System Administrator Appreciation Day
Lumberjack Day July 29 Lumberjack Day
Chicken Wing Day July 29 Chicken Wing Day
Lipstick Day July 29 Lipstick Day
International Tiger Day July 29 International Tiger Day
Get Gnarly Day July 29 Get Gnarly Day
Cheesecake July 30 Cheesecake Day
Chicken and Waffles Day July 30 Chicken and Waffles Day
Share a Hug Day July 30 Share a Hug Day
Paperback Book Day July 30 Paperback Book Day
Father-in-Law Day July 30 Father-in-Law Day
Whistleblower Appreciation Day July 30 Whistleblower Appreciation Day
International Day of Friendship July 30 International Day of Friendship
World Day against Trafficking in Persons July 30 World Day against Trafficking in Persons
World Ranger Day July 31 World Ranger Day
Mutt Day July 31 Mutt Day
Avocado Day July 31 Avocado Day
Jump for Jelly Beans Day July 31 Jump for Jelly Beans Day
International Harry Potter Day July 31 International Harry Potter Day