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April Daily Fun & Noteworthy

Daily April holidays that are the funny, silly, weird, wacky and notable. Made up by organizations, groups, and well, we don't know where some of them got their start! These are not official holidays. These are the notable and fun holidays celebrating something noteworthy in our society.
April 2 World Autism Awareness Day
Fish Fingers April 3 Fish Fingers and Custard Day
Caramel April 5 Caramel Day
Walking to work April 5 Walk to Work Day
Twinkies April 6 Hostess Twinkie Day
April 6 International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
Beers April 7 National Beer Day
April 7 World Health Day
Pillow fight April 7 International Pillow Fight Day
Kid at the zoo April 8 Zoo Lover's Day
Girl at Museum April 9 Slow Art Day
brother and sister April 10 Sibling's Day
Librarian April 10 National Library Workers Day
Pet Day April 11 Pet Day
Silence April 12 Day of Silence
April 12 International Day of Human Space Flight
Thomas Jefferson April 13 Thomas Jefferson Day
laughing family April 14 International Moment of Laughter Day
Eggs Benedict April 16 Eggs Benedict Day
poetry April 17 International Haiku Poetry Day
columnist April 18 Columnists Day
laundry line April 19 Hanging Out Day
Volunteers April 20 Volunteer Recognition Day
High Five April 21 High Five Day
April 21 World Creativity and Innovation Day
Jelly beans April 22 Jelly Bean Day
April 22 International Mother Earth Day
April 23 World Book and Copyright Day
Shakespeare April 23 Talk Like Shakespeare Day
April 25 World Malaria Day
April 26 World Intellectual Property Day
Pretzel April 26 Pretzel Day
Mom and daughter at work April 26 Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Sign language April 27 Mother Father Deaf Day
Women smelling the flowers April 27 Sense of Smell Day
Morse Code April 27 Morse Code Day
Cat at the vet April 27 World Veterinary Day
April 28 World Day for Safety and Health at Work
wishes April 29 World Wish Day
April 30 International Jazz Day