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Daily Fun & Noteworthy Holidays relating to Science & Technology

The daily holidays listed here are fun, silly, weird and wacky, and they are also days for remembrance, to support a cause or to celebrate something in our society. These observances are typically not official by any state or government, most originate by organizations, groups, and well, we don't know where some of them got their start! So have fun, explore the daily holidays and celebrate!
Science Fiction January 2 Science Fiction Day
Static Electricity Day January 9 Static Electricity Day
Cut Your Energy Costs Day January 10 Cut Your Energy Costs Day
Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day January 11 Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day
Cigarettes Are Hazardous to Your Health Day January 11 Cigarettes Are Hazardous to Your Health Day
Public Radio Broadcasting Day January 13 Public Radio Broadcasting Day
Cable Car Day January 17 Cable Car Day
Kid Inventors January 17 Kid Inventor's Day
Tin Can Day January 19 Tin Can Day
Camcorder Day January 20 Camcorder Day
Beer Can Appreciation Day January 24 Beer Can Appreciation Day
Macintosh Computer Day January 24 Macintosh Computer Day
International Mobile Phone Recycling Day January 24 International Mobile Phone Recycling Day
Thomas Crapper Day January 27 Thomas Crapper Day
Data Privacy January 28 Data Privacy Day
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day January 28 Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
Weatherperson February 5 Weatherperson's Day
February 5 Safer Internet Day
Plimsoll Day February 10 Plimsoll Day
International Day of Women and Girls in Science February 11 International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Clean Out Your Computer Day February 11 Clean Out Your Computer Day
World Radio Day February 13 World Radio Day
Darwin Day February 12 Darwin Day
Extraterrestrial Culture Day February 12 Extraterrestrial Culture Day
Pluto Day February 18 Pluto Day
Engineering Girl February 21 Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
telephone March 7 Alexander Graham Bell Day
plumbing March 11 World Plumbing Day
April 12 International Day of Human Space Flight
Morse Code April 27 Morse Code Day
May 16 International Day of Light
May 17 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
Louvre Museum May 18 International Museum Day
May 22 International Day for Biological Diversity
Pillow May 29 Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day
Color TV June 25 Color TV Day
Camera June 29 Camera Day
UFO July 2 World UFO Day
math July 8 Math 2.0 Day
World Wide Web August 1 World Wide Web Day
radio commercials August 28 Radio Commercials Day
August 29 International Day Against Nuclear Tests
Skyscrapers September 3 Skyscraper Day
September 26 World Maritime Day
September 28 International Day for Universal Access to Information
lightbulbs October 2 Change A Light Day
October 27 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
Internet October 29 Internet Day
November 10 World Science Day for Peace and Development
November 19 World Toilet Day
November 20 Africa Industrialization Day
November 21 World Television Day
Microwave December 6 Microwave Oven Day
December 7 International Civil Aviation Day
Music concert December 9 Techno Day
Nobel Prize December 10 Nobel Prize Day